Moslem woman. NYC
Villagers of Yoff heading home. Senegal
Door of No Return in the slave factory. Dakar, Senegal
Meditation. Ghana
Niger River Taxi. Mopti, Mali
Morning prayer. Ghana
Ochun Priestess. Brazil
Big Drum Ceremony. Caricou, Grenada
God please join us. Ghana
Choir women. Ghana
Immigrant Christian Baptists. NYC
Haitien musicians
Blackfoot woman
Musicians in Martinique
Infirmary love. Cameroon
Rabbis blowing Shofar. Harlem
Nataki's Rose. Brooklyn
Emperor Haile Selassie. Ethiopia
Worn Bible. NYC
Candomble Priestesses of Yemenya. Brazil
Ritual of Remembrance. NYC
Candomble procession. Brazil
Kwanzaa evening ceremony. NYC
Mother & daughter. Ethiopia
Midwife Shugg Lampley. Alabama
Evening Prayer. Alabama
Noon prayer. Agadez, Niger
Classroom. Mopti, Mali
Candomble Priestesses of Boa Morte. Brazil
African Burial Ground Libation. NYC
Great Rift Valley. Ethiopia
Father's sunrise Prayer. Ghana
Confrontation. NY
Vodun ceremony. Haiti
Storyteller. St. Lucia
African Burial Ground resident. NYC
Tamale girl. Ghana
March Forth McGowan. Alabama
Hair ritual. Ghana
Manhattan woman. NY
The barbershop shave. Alabama
First hair cut. Alabama
Yoff boy & fish. Senegal
Sisters. Alabama
Baobab and sandstorm. Senegal
Fishermen and netting. Ghana
Morning coffee. Harlem
Ethiopian Natefa. Bronx
Hatien vendor. Haiti
Bible & Drum. NY
Christian Foot washing, Ethiopian Orthodox
Counch blower. NY
Candomble figures. Brazil
Rock Church of St. George. Lalibela, Ethiopia
Ethiopian deacon
African Burial Ground2. NYC
Mardi Grais. New Orleans
Annual Garifuna Celebration. Belize
Garifuna arrival re-enactment. Belize
Notting Hill Gate Carnival. London
Macon County girl. Alabama
Notting Hill Gate2. London
Dipo Ritual of the Krobo. Ghana
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