The Milky Way at 7440 feet on Mount Debra Damos
Milky Way at 8880 feet at Mount Abuna Yemata
Dinquenesh: LUCY fossilized skeleton.
3.5 Million years old
Dilbena Mountains. 2002
Tamaber. 2007
Tis Esat Falls/Bliue Nile Falls
Ethiopia, Bar Hadar: Tis Esat - The Blue Nile Falls
Ghaada elder with staff
Ethiopia, Bishoftu: Erecha New Year's celebration at Lake Hora
Yeha: Damat. Ancient Horns Moon stela Mother Spirit. Yeha. Nature centric. 2002
Ethiopia, Aksum: Burial obelisk of King Romhai with false door. 1998
Aksum: Tombs of King Romhai. 2000
Yeha: Damat incense burner. Nature centric
Yeha: Damat: Interior of Moon Temple. 2009
Tis Esat, Blue Nile River Falls, SE corner of Lake Tana
Ethiopia: Ashenge Mountains and Lake. 2009
Aksum: Treasury, home of the Biblical Ark of the Covenant and Selassie Cathedral. 2007
Hebrew: Blowing the Qaende Meleket or Shofar. Beta Israeli. 2002
Addis Ababa: Beta Israeli Elder
Gondar: Beta Israeli Woman.
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