Cairo: Midnight Sun (Full Moon) kisses the Merkuts (Pyramids) @ Giza
Cairo: Merkut of His Majesty Khufu embraced  by Nuit at Giza
Aswan: Nubian Temple to Hathor at Philae
Luxor: Collossi of Amenhotep II
Dashur: View from Bent to Red Pyramid
Dashur: Bent Pyramid of Snefru
Luxor: Valey of the Kings
Abu Simbel: His Majesty Ramesses at Nubian Temple
Cairo: Tutankamem
Cairo: Sphinx & Merkut at Giza
Sakkara: Causeway of Unas
Sakkara: Pyramid of Unas
Sakkara: Unas Burial Chamber with the Ten Commandments. 2200 BCE
Sakkara: Unas and Step Pyramid of Djoser
Cairo Museum: King Akhenaton
Cairo Museum: Nefertiti
Cairo Museum: Akhenaton and the Aton
Cairo Museum: King Akhenaton
Cairo Museum: King Akhanaton
Cairo Museum: The Holy Family of Aton
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