Blowing the Qaende Meleket (Shofar)
Aksum: The Ark of the Covenant brought to Ethiopia, son of Solomon and Makeda
Ethiopian Beta Israel elder
Beta Israeli in Gondar
Gondarine Beta Israel
Addis Ababa: Mesfin Assefa, Kassim of Beth Avraham Synagogue
Netsanet Seyfu, Beth Israeli woman in Addis Ababa
Beth Avraham Synagogue in Addis Ababa
Weaver Abaineh Agonafir and his product in Addis Ababa
Fissha Getaneh, Mesfin Assefa & Abaineh Agonafir of Beth Avraham
Kechene Women Pottery Collective
Simchat Torahs of Gonder, Beta Israeli
Simchat Torah of Gonder2, Beta Israeli
Sigh Ceremony on Mount Entoto
Weaver Melaku Agonafir in Kechene neighborhhod of Addis Ababa
Beta Israeli elder
Rabbi Levy of Beth Elohim
Rabbi Ben Celel of Beth Elohim
Rabbi Yhosua Ben Yahonatan & Rabbinette of Beth Ha-Tefilah
Commandment Keepers Synagogue casting sins away into the water
Rabbi Paris of Mount Hebron
Rabbis Eler & Son Levy, Beth Elohim
Women of Mount Hebron
Elder Rabbi Bezaleel Ben Yisraeldd of Beth Elohim
Seder ceremony at home during Erev Pesach
Young men at Mount Hebron
Seder ceremony led by Rabbi Paris
Mount Hebron Synagogue
Shofars for Rosh Hashanah
Rabbis processing the Torah during Simchat Torah
Mount Vernon Synagogue members
Rabbi White & Rabbi Paris
Reading of the Torah at Bima
Lifting the Torah for Archarae Mot
Reshrouding the Sacred Torah
Woman with lulav
Rabbi Bezaleel Ben Yisraeldd of Beth Elohim
Rabbi Sholomo Ben Levy at the Ark in Beth Elohim
Rabbi and the Torah at Ark, Beth Elohim
Rabbi Sholomo Ben Levy and Rabbinette Rayah Levy
Rabbi Benyomin Ben Levy holding the Torah for Archarei Mot
Shabatt Hagadol procession of the Torah
Shabbat Hagadol procession of the Torah in the Synagogue
Rabbi Sholomo Ben Levy during Shabbat Hagadol
Rabbi Benyomin Ben Levy during Shabbat Hagadol
Procession of the Torah
ISRAEL YEHUDAH, assistant Gabbai, Beth Elohim
Reading at the Bema
Kissing the Torah
Yitzchok Yehudah, 2nd Gabbai, Beth Elohim
Yitzchok Yehudah, 2nd Gabbai & Rabbi Levy
Rabbi Capers Funnye
Prayer to the Torah
At the Ark
Rabbi Yhosua Ben Yahonatan of Beth Ha-Tefilah
Rabbi Hailu Paris
Rabbinith Leah Yahonatan of Beth Ha-Tefilah
Rosh Hashanah Procession
Shofar blowing at Rosh Hashanah
Reading of the Torah at Rosh Hashanah
Tashlich at Rosh Hashanah
Blessings at Rosh Hashanah
Bar Mitzvah preparations at Bima
Shofar blowing at river
Blessing with Matzah during Seder @ Beth Shalom
Generations at Commandment Keepers
Erev Pesach Seder
Matzah Bread, Seder
Weaving a Talisch in Addis Ababa
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