Chasing butterflies
Kerosene lamp @ Pioneer Museum
Old rural eating table @ Pioneer Museum
March Fourth McGowan
Swarming birds on country road
Front Porch plants
Mr. Newsome
Bow and arrows
Shooting pool
John Bass & Minnie Pearl
Great-Aunt Sis
A friend's last visit
Bougg Harris plowing the garden
Inside the Church
Tuskegee alumni
In the dugout
Home Leave
Refreshment Stand
Edge of the Swamps
Student protest
John Henrik Clarke, Historian
Freshly plowed field
Cooking Syrup from Sugar cane
March Fourth McGowan
First haircut
Nighttime prayer
Behold my son
Those Hands
The Masonic Lodge
A fan of Dr. King
Shoulder lift
The Barbershop
Final journey
Walking wheels
The old homestead
Country farmers
Maria Calhoun
Rest time
Straw hat
Work clothes
Spencer's Prayer
Main Street, New Brockton
Proud boy
Midwife Shugg Lampley
Preach Minister
Aunt Shugg in apron at her gate
P.H. Polk, Photographer
Al Murray, Writer
Window and vines
Midwife uniform
Listening to Dr. King
Stick Holley praying
Roscoe Brown, Tuskegee airman
Chief Sitting Sun, Ohatchee Cherokee
Rosa Parks
Arina Latham Holmes
Milton Hamilton, Judge
Golda Wright
Aunt Sugg
Always Together
Ms Maria
Paul Anthony Youngblood
Discussing it
Joyce Carter German
Scarf & porch
First breath
Tuskegee Queen Court
Visiting Shugg
Tom & Annie McGhee
Fourth the vet
Masonic Funeral
Morning Star Baptist Church
Quilting Bee
Self portrait
Out Back
Bunch of turnips
Lone farmer
16thStreet Baptist, Birmingham
College students on Voting Rights march
College students on Civil Rights march
With Granddaddy
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