Northeast Manhattan
The Bridge Web
Grand Central subway platform
Pensive One
Subway Crunch
Preston's Posse
Lingerie contest
Low & Behold
Ms Thang's Necklace
Ms Starr
Night Out
Ballroom dancing
Miss Big
Umbrellas & Gifts
Queue Optic
World Trade Center and bridge web
World Trade Center and Bridge Tower
Lower Manhattan at Dusk
Subway platform
United Nations
Flat Iron building in blizzard
Final libation ceremony, African Burial Ground.
Ancestral corridor. African Burial Ground.
Divine rest. Crossed arms signage of spiritual nullification. African Burial Ground.
Sidewalk Prayer
The Williamsburg bridge
Madison Park
Red Door
Stone fence
Street talk
Spring snow
The Twin Towers
Cleopatra's needle in Central Park
Shinto Gate @ Brooklyn Botanic Japanese Gardens
Tea House Porch @ Brooklyn Botanic Japanese Gardens
Pond view from Tea House @ Brooklyn Botanic Japanese Gardens
Pond side @ Brooklyn Botanic Japanese Gardens
Benches @ Brooklyn Botanic Japanese Gardens
Manhattan from Brooklyn
Upper East Side along River
Queue One
Queue Two
Harlem looking south
Battery Park Development
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